Hassle-Free Customs Clearance for Your Imports

Streamlined Customs Clearance & Customs Broker Service

We are Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) certified which means that we provide streamlined customs clearance process that adheres strictly to Australia’s biosecurity regulations.

This certification ensures that all quarantine, inspection, and fumigation tasks are handled n our warehouses which significantly reduces the time and complexity involved in getting goods to market.

With us, businesses can expect a seamless transition of their goods through customs, minimising delays and facilitating a smoother supply chain operation.

Benefits of our Customs Clearance Service

FPSAUS Customs Clearance Service stands out by combining local expertise across Australian ports with a global reach that ensures document accuracy and compliance. Dedicated to client satisfaction, we offer tailored advice, pre-advise, and direct delivery services, making us a trusted partner for your customs clearance needs.

AQIS Certified Facilities

Facilitates faster customs clearance through in-house quarantine inspections and fumigation, reducing wait times for imports.

Compliance Guidance

Expert advice ensures shipments adhere to all Australian and international regulations, minimising delays.

Integrated Services

In-house services include container unpacking directed by AQIS/DAFF and on-site fumigation, simplifying the logistics process from arrival to market.

Packing Material Disposal

Management of prohibited packing materials according to AQIS regulations to meet Australia’s biosecurity measures.

Customs Clearance Support

Assistance with documentation, duty and tax calculations, and tariff classification to support the customs clearance process from start to finish.

Quarantine and Fumigation

Use of AQIS-certified facilities for faster processing and clearance of goods.

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Tariff and Classification

Advice on correct classification and tariff applications to enhance savings on duties.

Duty and Tax Calculations

Clear assessments of costs involved for better financial planning.

Optimise your Your Customs Clearance With Us

Streamline your customs clearance with our AQIS-certified services. Take the first step towards more efficient imports now.

Customs Clearance FAQs

Common Questions about Customs Clearance Service

For customs clearance, typically you’ll need a Bill of Lading/Air Waybill, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, and often specific permits or certificates depending on the nature of the goods. We can help you identify and prepare all necessary documentation.

A customs broker can help navigate the complex regulations and tariffs associated with importing goods into Australia. They ensure your goods comply with all Australian laws, potentially saving you time and money by avoiding costly delays or fines.

Typically, you’ll need an invoice, packing list, bill of lading (BOL) or airway bill, insurance documents, and any permits or certificates relevant to the specific goods being imported.

Customs duties and taxes are calculated based on the value of the imported goods, their classification under the Harmonized System (HS) code, and any applicable trade agreements or exemptions.

The Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) regulates the import of goods to protect Australia’s biosecurity. AQIS certification allows us to perform quarantine inspections and fumigation in our warehouses which facilitates faster clearance.

Streamline Your Custom’s Clearance

Streamline and simplify your trade operations with confidence. Let our AQIS-certified customs clearance services guide your goods through every step, hassle-free. Ready to take the first step towards more efficient imports and navigate customs with confidence? Contact us to discover how we can support your business’s international trade needs today.

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